Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 1. Keys and Tribulations

So, I took some time to re-accustom myself to winvice and emulate a Commodore 64 by downloading Geos, GeoWrite and trying to write some text into it. It was a success.

Some adjustements are needed to be able to control the system.

This is how vice works on a stock installation with an italian keyboard.

Left ALT+W starts and stops warp mode.
Left ALT+Enter makes the emulator enter or exit fullscreen mode.
Left ALT+Q makes the emulator capture mouse input, useful if you want to run Geos or mouse enabled software, very less so for any other reason other than getting crazy.

Note that you can't use the Right Alt key for those combinations.

Mapping for some commodore-specific keys.

Tab becomes the Control Key on the Commodore Keyboard (that agrees with the placement of the control key of the commodore keyboard)

The Left Control Key and the Right Alt Key on the windows keyboard become the Commodore Key on the Commodore Keyboard.

Return and Shift have no change.

Caps Lock key becomes Run Stop, while Page Up is Restore.

You can use the four arrow keys to emulate the cursor keys, down and right however will behave like the original keys and if you press the Shift together they will invert their direction.

Delete works as Inst/Del, it will also insert spaces if you press shift+inst/del.

Home works as Clr/Home.
Insert works af the £ key.

Ohter commodore Keys (the arrow symbol, equals and parentheses) are in the spot reserved to them on the C64 keyboard, so that I have to make a mental map of where is what.

The only key I haven't found an emulation of is the Shift Lock key, but that's not a problem for now.

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